How much does renting a car cost in Europe? Car rental fees explained

When we rented our car in Europe, I was prepared for the worst. The last time we’d rented a car was in Hawaii, and I felt like every time I sneezed I was asked for more money.

For our rental in Europe, I initially did our searches through AutoEurope, who in turn pointed us in the direction of Europcar.

When we picked up the car in Basel, I was surprised at how easy it was. We wanted a medium sized vehicle that we’d pick up in France and then drive through Switzerland and Germany to then drop off at a different spot in France.

A few quick questions and we were on our way. Unlike hiring a car in the USA or Australia, there weren’t 6 billion different forms of insurance cover and liability. Do you want insurance? Yes or no? OK- no worries- on your way then.

The folks at AutoEurope have some excellent blogs posts on this and other burning traveller questions- so take a look at this one: How much does renting a car cost? Car rental fees explained.

I wish I’d seen these articles before we left.  One way fees are a big one in Europe, as in most cases it’s not just a different state you want to drop your car off, but an entirely different country.  

There are some excellent tips on insurance, fees, tolls, and fuel as well- well worth a read.

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