The best power adaptor for overseas travel

This is an update of a post that I originally wrote in 2011, after coming back from a month in the USA.

In that, I proselytized taking a power strip with 4 outlets. The four items in mind were laptop or tablet, two phones (assuming you’re traveling as a couple) and a camera battery charger. That may have been over the top for some, or not enough for others. In our case, it’s what we generally travel with.

I noticed that post today and decided to update it with our new regime, which is simply a one or two outlet adaptor, with two usb ports.

The 240v adaptor/s are for the laptop and camera charger while the two usb ports can be used for the phones. It’s taken a fair bit of bulk out of the electrical travel bag. This sort of kit just wasn’t available in 2011. Amazing really.

You can get a two port version from Masters for around $25, or a 4x USB port version for $30.

Some of the USB products at Masters can be bought with different region plugs, eliminating the need for an extra adaptor.

Having a look through eBay will find some cheap ones as well.

If you’re still carrying enough items for more 240v plugs, you can get power strips with USB ports from Kogan.

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