New York to New Orleans – Delta Airlines 943

Leaving New York was hard, but arriving in New Orleans made up for it.

The cab from our apartment in Manhatten to LaGuardia took around 30 minutes, and the airport did what it needed to do. Security was tight, water was discarded and Americans still tried to bring suitcases onto the flights that in Australia would have been classed as oversize.

trump-planeAll of our internal flights on this trip so far have been on Virgin America, and on A320’s. This time we’re on Delta, but still an A320 (ok, it’s an A319 but who’s counting?).

Nothing really to report, except that it was unremarkable in either greatness or otherwise. There was no inflight entertainment, which for a 3.5 hour flight could have gotten pretty tiring for those with children.

We taxied past Donald Trump’s private jet as it was taxiing too. Who knows if he was on it- I find him about as remarkable as Delta Airlines anyway.

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