Emirates Lounge Melbourne (with a toddler)

Emirates Lounge Melbourne

This article is part of a series documenting our flight and lounge experiences as we travelled to and from Europe in First and Business Class (on points) through April and May 2016.

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The Emirates Lounge, located on Level 3 at Tullamarine, is quite large and situated right next to the boarding gates. It’s been in operation for only a few months, opening in January 2016.

There’s no division between First and Business in Melbourne, so the lounge did get a bit crowded in the final hour before boarding.

The Emirates Lounge

2016-04-21 19.25.432016-04-21 19.25.38The room is well set-up, being a big square with the toilet and shower facilities in the middle.

As you enter the room past the check-in desk, you can go left or right. Left takes you to a quiet bar area, and right takes you to the main dining area. Either way, just keep walking from either and you’ll end up where you started.

The food and drinks on offer were plentiful and varied. As much as I would have loved to have gotten into some top shelf gear before stumbling into my First Class seat, there was that annoying thing called parenthood stopping me.

It was fairly easy for us to find a quiet corner so we’d not bother anyone with a restless baby.

The complimentary wifi was fast and easy to connect to.

The Emirates Lounge with a toddler

Emirates "Fly With Me Animal Cuddle Buddy." Photo courtesy of Emirates

Emirates “Fly With Me Animal Cuddle Buddy.” Photo courtesy of Emirates

The staff were fabulous, offering toys and activities for Clarrie to do when he started to get a little grumpy. We’d heard great things about Emirates stuff when it came to kids, and this was certainly a great start.

A baby pack was provided which proved to be extremely useful throughout our entire trip. Contents included a “Fly with Me” blanket in a small bag resembling a monster, which was a big hit with the Clarinator, all the way through Europe and back again.

There was also a small zip-up toiletry bag provided with a bib, nappy wipes as well as baby cutlery and some nappies. It actually provided a bunch of things we’d already packed in our in-flight bags but needn’t have. Some small toys, including an etcha-sketch, were also handed over, much to the delight of the boy.

Note that, as far as I can tell, being in Business or First class had nothing to do with receiving these packs – they’re available to anyone crazy enough to travel with young children.

Emirates Lounge Melbourne

Have you ever tried to change a baby in a first class lounge?

Our lounge experience in Melbourne is pretty limited, having only experienced the Emirates and Qantas lounges here. Overall our experience at the Emirates lounge was wonderful and far superior to the Qantas Club Lounge which we’ve done a few times before.

The Emirates lounge was spacious, and the enormous windows out to the tarmac gave us some great views which Clarrie also enjoyed immensely. The staff were wonderful, the food was good and the beer was cold.

All up, a win!

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