Emirates Business Lounge Dubai with a toddler

This article is part of a series documenting our flight and lounge experiences as we travelled to and from Europe in First and Business Class (on points) through April and May 2016.

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The Emirates Business Class floor

2016-04-22 08.37.25The main thing of interest about the Business Lounge in Dubai is it’s sheer size. It’s not really a ‘lounge’ per se.

It’s almost as big as the terminal, taking up an entire floor.

The floor below is the First Class Lounge, and below that are the shops and Economy boarding gates.

We didn’t realise until later that due to the fact that we’d arrived in Dubai on a First Class flight, we probably could have gotten into the First Class Lounge. Our thinking was that because our departure was in Business, that we’d only be allowed entry to the Business Lounge.

No matter, we’ll just crash the First Class Lounge next time we fly First Class to Dubai…

A few things to note:

Childrens Play Room

2016-04-22 07.39.41
If you’ve got kids with you, then hit up the kids play room – it saved our lives as Clarrie was well entertained in there for the bulk of our three-hour layover.

It gave us a chance to sit and take a breather while Clarrie could burn off some energy.


We didn’t plan to shower here as we came in on First Class and had showered on the plane. If you are planning on showering in the lounge, be aware that space is limited and you need to wait.

Many people I saw who had planned on bathing were disappointed as the wait time would have meant missing their connection.


2016-04-22 08.34.26There is food everywhere. Really and truly, at every turn there’s a buffet bar with something tasty on it.

The staff

2016-04-22 12.14.54The staff, as we’ve come to find with Emirates, have been excellent and showering Clarrie with even more stuffed animals and toys.

Prince is, unfortunately, definitely dead

Prince is deadNot really anything to do with Emirates, but the news of Prince’s death we’d heard on the flight to Dubai was confirmed by the estimated 4 billion television sets in the Business Lounge.

The upshot

We’ve not really experienced that many airport lounges, so it’s hard to judge. The sheer size of the Emirates Lounge in Dubai gives it massive points when travelling with a toddler.

Having a dedicated room for a kids play area is something we’ve not seen before. The Business Lounge alone is the size of some airports in Australia. I’m going to leave my judgement until our return through Paris and Hong Kong so I can experience Cathay Pacific’s Lounges as well.

I already think Emirates may win in the Lounge department though…

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