Travel tips

Cabs in Rome with a toddler

One thing we’re rarely sure about when visiting a new place is how to deal with cabs when you’re traveling with a toddler and no baby seat. We found that in Rome, every cab driver we had was excellent. Clarrie was fine without a baby seat, and none mentioned it….

The best power adaptor for overseas travel

This is an update of a post that I originally wrote in 2011, after coming back from a month in the USA. In that, I proselytized taking a power strip with 4 outlets. The four items in mind were laptop or tablet, two phones (assuming you’re traveling as a couple)…

How to avoid Airbnb’s 3% surcharge

Anyone that’s booked an overseas rental through Airbnb will probably have noticed that they kindly include a 3% foreign transaction fee to your quoted amount. If you have a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees (see my article on what credit cards to use overseas), then you can…