Family Finances

Donate to charity and reduce your tax debt

It really is that simple – donate to a recognised charity, and your donation will reduce your taxable income, so you’ll pay less tax (or get a bigger refund from the ATO). As we get closer to June 30, it’s often a good idea to think about how to reduce…

Put your money where your house is

I was recently talking to a friend who just happened to mention that they had a few thousand dollars sitting in a savings account earning interest. ¬†Great! ¬†Except that they are a home owner. In my opinion, you should never have money in a savings account if you have a…

How to cut your mortgage rate in one easy step

Call your bank. Seriously – just ring them and say you can get a lower rate from someone else. And if they don’t lower your rate, then move your mortgage to that other financial institution. As an example, Ubank have their standard variable rate at 4.09%, with no ongoing fees….