Reviewing the Vinomofo Collaboration Case…. bottoms up!


When I was contacted by Vinomofo to see if I’d like to review a case of wine, I was dubious.

In my time I’ve reviewed a lot of diverse things – gigs, albums, flights, hotels and most recently, baby carriers and prams. But never wine.

Don’t get me wrong- I like wine, a lot, but up until now had never really thought about it too much. To me, wine falls into two categories- red or white. Within those two categories, I sometimes delve a little further – it’s good or it’s bad.

If I think of a wine review, all I can think to is Monty Python’s classic from The Flying Circus:

“The Australian wino society thoroughly recommends a 1970 ‘Coq du Rod Laver’, which, believe me, has a kick on it like a mule”

Therefore, there’ll be no mentions of “Smoldering notes of elderberry fused with the passion of an apricot tree in full bloom, sided with pasty espresso overtones” in this review.

Also, being that we’re not the connoisseurs that we probably should be for such an appraisal, Elyse and I decided to research what food should be consumed with each bottle.   As it turned out, we ignored most of the culinary suggestions but enjoyed the wine anyway.

Cheap Wine!

Before I forget – join Vinomofo now and order some wine. Use the code HUBBY at checkout for $25 off.

See, I told you it was worth reading my blog.


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A little bit about Vinomofo

Vinomofo, as you may have worked out, sell wine. Turns out, they have a bunch of wines that are tried and tested (up to a hundred at any one time I’m told) by their buying team, and only 5% actually make it to the Vinomofo site. So they’re into quality.

And yes, I too am wondering how to get a job as a ‘wine tester’ on this ‘wine buying team’. Excuse me while I set up a job alert on Seek.

Some of the wines are their own – those are the ones with the “Kinda Independent Wine Company” label. All the wines in the Collaboration case which we’re reviewing today are Vinomofo wines – they actually have 10 of their own.

“Kinda Independent” translates to “made for Vinomofo”, by some of Australia’s best up and coming wine makers. Those wines are sold exclusively by Vinomofo.

The Vinomofo experience

Ordering from Vinomofo

The order for a Collaboration Case was placed on a Monday and by Wednesday it was sitting on my doorstep.

Over those short few days, I received a couple of encouraging emails from Vinomofo, keeping me up to date with my order status. It was enough to keep me in the know as to the whereabouts of my vino, without that weird sensation of being stalked.

So far, so good, Mofos.

With a sticker price of $90, this is great value working out to be only $15 a bottle. Don’t forget – if you’re planning on ordering any Vinomofo, they are currently giving a $25 credit to all new customers when using the offer code “HUBBY”.

Sweet deal.

The Vinomofo Artwork

VinomofoThe first thing that struck me after that case arrived was the artwork. The box states that my day just got all kinds of better, which it did- mostly because I really like products that go that extra mile with customer experience.

When I’m not dadding, I work in IT, and a huge factor in a lot of the work I do isn’t to just build websites for people, it’s how to improve the customer experience with the vendor. So far, Vinomofo has me hooked.

Far from any normal wine delivery from Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, much of this wine is produced and labeled for Vinomofo. The artwork is spectacular, and although not all of it is congruous, it all works together all the same.

What’s in the box?

I had no idea what to expect when I opened the carton and found 4 reds, a white, and a sparkling. All of them ready to be consumed.

And now, without further ado…

The Vinomofo Collaboration Case

Duck Sauce Pinot Noir

So, apparently, Pino Noir is best consumed with duck.

I have never cooked a duck, and didn’t feel motivated to do so tonight, so have gone with what I consider to be the next best thing – chicken.

I’m sure Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver would disagree with me profusely, but right now, I need to get into a bottle of plonk so their views do not concern me in the slightest. A bird is a bird is a bird.

The pinot noir (made by Steve Webber at Debortoli) had a fantastically strong bouquet (it smelt great in the glass) and was a wonderful light red colour, that was more transparent than expected.

It went down very easily, and a few glasses were had as we consumed our dinner.

I’m sipping on it now as I write this sentence, and I must say, it’s one of the nicest reds I’ve encountered.

Would I drink again – absolutely.

Buy the Duck Sauce Yarra Valley Pinot Noir

The Cab Sauv

cab-sauvNow, when I looked this one up, the Vinomofo page had no advice on what meal I should be preparing to go with my newly aquired Cabernet Sauvignon, so I went hunting on some other wine sites.

I found suggestions of Roasted Duck Breast with Pecan Puree, Cabernet-Braised Venison Cheeks and other such things that no parent has the time to cook, let alone shop for.

I decided to settle on Spag Bol.

My Spaghetti Bolognaise recipe is legendary. Legendary to me and my wife anyway, as it’s one of the few things I can cook really well.

The Old Money Cabernet Sauvignon was pretty bitey (I think that’s what a wine person would say), strong and very flavoursome. When we started the meal, I thought the wine might be too full-on. However, as the feast progressed I definitely felt that the wine was, in fact complementing my amazing spag bol.

Sam Brand and the Brand Family Wines have produced this little number for Vinomofo- and I rate it.

My wife then surprised me with some amazing organic dark chocolate from Aldi. Yes, Aldi.  Great chocolate- and it went fabulously with the Old Money Cab Sauv as well.

Buy the Old Money Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

The Orgy

vinomofo-orgyWith a name like “The Orgy”, how could one not like this wine? Obviously, its moniker has more to do with the fact that it’s a blend, rather than what you’ll get up to when you drink it.

The Orgy is made by the Leask brothers of Hither & Yo. Sounds hip.

Vinomofo suggest a few different eating options for this one- pizza, BBQ, and anything with tomato sauces. A pretty casual orgy by the sounds of it. So casual in fact, that we hit up the leftover spag bol from our night out with the Cab Sauv.

The Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre (GSM to those in the know) was also quite potent like last nights Cab Sauv, with a rich red colour and full flavour. Again, probably a stronger red than I’m used to, but still very enjoyable nonetheless.

It went great with the spag bol, and I reckon it would taste pretty fine with a big eye fillet steak too. I’ll give it a go with a good bit of meat next time around.

Buy The Orgy McLaren Vale Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre

The Shiraz

We decided to knock off the Shiraz with some Thai. After getting our usual from the best Thai in Melbourne, we cracked open our fourth ‘mofo.

The Art Of War Barossa Valley Shiraz (by Kym Teusner) is a pretty smooth wine as far as Shiraz goes. Generally, I find Shiraz to be too heavy and/or bitey. This one, although a little heavy, was quite smooth.

I do need to be honest and say that this bottle was probably my least favourite of the lot. I blame myself entirely for this, because I don’t really like Shiraz to begin with.

For a Shiraz, it was actually pretty good. But someone’s gotta come last.

That’s life in the fast lane.

Buy the Art Of War Barossa Valley Shiraz

The Chardy

The Arcadia Bohemia chardonay is made by Innocent Bystander. And what a great job they’ve done.

Rather sheepishly I must admit that we enjoyed this one so much I forgot to take a photo of the bottle before it went into the recycling.

We didn’t bother pairing this one with a meal, and hooked into it with the irreverent freedom of knowing that our son was in childcare the next day.

A great drop.

Buy the Arcadia Bohemia Yarra Valley Chardonnay

Bisou Bisou Sparkling Blanc de Blancs


Spin the bottleWe knocked this one over at the birthday party of the daughter of some of our closest friends.

What better excuse than a two-year-old’s birthday to get into the champers?

OK sure, it’s not technically Champagne as it wasn’t made in France, but to me- anything with a cork that can take out an eye is Champagne in my book.

Although not as overt as a big bottle of Orgy, there’s still a fair bit of cheek with this one’s packaging as well, declaring “Spin The Bottle, Kiss Kiss” on the neck.

Being that we were at a toddler’s party, it wasn’t really that sort of gathering.

Now I’m not just saying this because these cats threw a freebie at me, but this sparkling is excellent, especially at $15 a pop.

Normally sparkling wine gets up my nose before I can even taste it, and after one glass I’ve had more than enough. Not so with the Bisou Bisou. This went down smoothly and was a perfect way to relax with friends on a rare sunny afternoon in Melbourne’s winter. Seeing what the kids were getting up to seemed far less important as the bottle slowly emptied.

I say this without a word of a lie- I will definitely be buying a carton of Bisou Bisou for this years Christmas celebrations.

I was so happy with one that I did a bit of snooping and found that it was made by Steve Webber at Debortoli. Sound familiar? Yep- Mr Webber is also responsible for the Duck Sauce Pino Noir that was our favourite red in the box.

Dear Steve,
You are welcome to come over for dinner whenever is convenient.
I’ll cook, you bring the wine.
Love from me.

Buy some Bisou Bisou Sparkling radness

You will have now guessed that Vinomofo sell good wine.  They also sell both red and white varieties, so as far as I’m concerned they’ve got the whole lot covered.

We would obviously like to thank Vinomofo for sending such great wine, and encourage them to do it again sometime soon.

Now, go and buy some Vinomofo for you and everyone you know.  Don’t forget to use the offer code of “HUBBY” at checkout on your first order for $25 off!


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