Lockwood 001 Touch lock review

The Lockwood 001 Touch lock has changed my life.

I’m not joking. ┬áReally I’m not.

Lockwood 001 (non touch)

Lockwood 001 (non touch)

Our front door lock was shot, and was getting to the stage where you could open it with a chopstick.

I’d done a fair bit of research on locks when we were doing our renovation, and the Lockwood 001 was by far the winner as far as anyone who knew anything was concerned.

Chances are you’ve got a 001 somewhere on your house, or you’ve had one at some point in your life, whether you knew it or not.

So when it came time to replace the front door lock, I went straight to Bunnings to get me another 001. On the way down the aisle, I was stopped by what could only be kismet.

There, sitting on the shelf in a little display, was a Lockwood 001 TOUCH. My heart skipped a beat. I reached out to touch it. It was cool to touch and the buttons, oh the buttons. I found myself grinning like Julia Roberts.

I raced home to tell my wife what I had found. She was impressed. Not ecstatic, but impressed.

I googled and read all about this wondrous thing, and yes, it was indeed, the bees knees.

It cost $300, so it’s about three times the price of a normal 001. I also wasn’t game to install it, so called a locksmith who installed it for $140.

How has the Lockwood 001 Touch changed my life?

An excellent question.

  • I don’t carry keys any more, unless I’m driving somewhere, which is rare. And even if I am driving somewhere and I forget my keys, it doesn’t matter because I can still get into my house.
  • You can program a bunch of different codes into it that can be activated and deactivated at any time. This is extremely helpful if visitors, trades people etc are arriving when you’re not home. No more leaving a key under the door mat! Codes can last from 3 – 336 hours, or forever.
  • Again, did I say I don’t carry keys with me any more?
  • You can use a card for entry if you’d prefer- up to 20 individual cards can be registered to your lock, and they can be deregistered individually too. Great for a home office and an ex employee!
  • You will have the ability as a Master to add and delete users. You can have 20 different key combinations, as well as 20 different cards, so 40 users in total.

Another great thing about this lock is that if you have an existing manual 001, the touch version can be installed on top of it, as the 001 Touch is just a normal 001 with an added pin pad.

I bought ours from Bunnings, but if you’d prefer to buy online (for probably cheaper) then I’d get your new 001 Touch from eBay.

Have a read on the Lockwood site about the 001 touch.

Also, if you’re after a locksmith in Melbourne, I can highly recommend Larry The Locksmith.

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