Review: BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original

The BabyBjorn Original carrier has so far been my favourite of all the carriers we’ve tried (and there have been a few).

The carrier is lightweight and easy to use, and for the most part, Clarrie has seemed pretty comfortable with it.

The back support, in particular I have found to be excellent. Unlike many of the other carriers, it doesn’t concentrate all the weight on your shoulders, or the small of your back. The weight is in the area between your shoulders, and towards the middle of your spine, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

My wife prefers the ErgoBaby, which we’ll review at some point as well. I personally don’t love the Ergo, only because I find it quite difficult to take on and off, and quite often need help. With a little thought, we realised why – the back strap for the Ergo is pretty much where a bra strap would be. My wife has been working bra straps for decades, so knows exactly what she’s doing. I have no idea what I’m doing so end up twisting myself in knots and booking a chiropractic appointment. But more on that in the Ergo review.

My point for bringing that up is that the BabyBjorn is so easy to use. You put it on, and clipping your baby into it couldn’t be easier- it literally takes seconds and no help is ever required. With many of the others, I’d find it would take ages to get ‘right,’ and a support crew was invariably required.

A big advantage the BabyBjorn has over many of the others is that your baby can face either towards you, or face out and see what you’re seeing. To face out, you just undo a couple of clips, pull your baby out, spin them around, plop them back in and do up a few different clips.

We found this to be excellent when holidaying in Hawaii, as Clarrie didn’t get bored looking at me all day. He could see what I was seeing, and loved it.

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A couple of downsides of the BabyBjorn Original:

  • Sometimes the flap that folds down when Clarrie was facing front would flip up without notice.  I’d always planned to get a safety pin or something to keep it down, but never got around to it;
  • There are no pockets whatsoever.  Conversely, the Ergo has them everywhere.  If you were so inclined, you could sew some in yourself.  I never realised how much I wanted pockets until I saw my wife always having dummies and anything else within easy reach in her Ergo;
  • Clarrie grew out of the Bjorn by around 7 months of age, which was a bummer as it was an excellent carrier. We’ve since got a BabyBjorn One, which we’ll review soon as well.

A quick check at time of publishing gives the following prices:

The Nile: $122 (free delivery)

Kogan: $104 + delivery $125 + delivery

In short, I’d highly recommend the BabyBjorn Original Carrier. For the price, you can’t really do better when looking at many of the higher end brands.

We’ve found baby carriers to be quite subjective, to the point that we have ‘his’ and ‘hers’. In discussions with friends, it seems we’re not the only ones. In our case, I love BabyBjorn, whereas my wife is Ergo and Fidella all the way.

Again, there’ll be reviews on all of these soon.

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