The BabyBjorn Cradle rocks my world

Babybjorn cradleBabybjorn cradle

This is a fantastic bassinet / cradle for any newborn. Clarence slept in this from his first night at home until around 5 months old.

The main things we loved about the Babybjorn cradle were:

  • Super easy to give it a little nudge to resettle your baby when s/he’s stirring, but just needs a little encouragement to go back to sleep. Many of the competing bassinets had a rocking ability, but it wasn’t as smooth, and felt like it might disturb the baby
  • Extremely easy to move as it’s so light
  • Very easy to wash and keep clean as the cover just zips on and off
  • It looks great
  • The see through mesh is fabulous as well- always being able to see your baby from your own bed is such a big thing – also great for those hot days so a fan can run a light breeze through the mesh too
  • It was less bulky than any of the main competitors
Buy the Babybjorn Cradle from Kogan
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