The Mission, San Francisco

Obviously, we have no idea what parts of town are good or bad etc. We’d heard from quite a few people that The Mission District was a must see, and that there were lots of good bars and food there.

So, we get a cab from Fisherman’s Wharf and we get dropped on Mission St. Sounds to be the place to be when one is in the Mission District right? We walk up Mission St and it’s very different to the other parts of SF we’ve seen.


Everywhere else has been impeccably clean and well maintained. This was not the case here. It was refreshing to see some more ‘real’ sides of SF. Lots of run down buildings, graffiti, the occasional drug deal, and the feeling in the back of your mind that you just not make it out alive.


P1000734We had a lovely dinner at a place called South End Grill just off Mission St. We shared pulled pork sliders as an appetiser. We didn’t know what a ‘slider’ was, but it turned out to be like a mini-burger.

The appetiser was 3 of these.

By the time we’d devoured them with glee, we were quite full, but mains had already been ordered so we powered through. Americans are feeders.

After we rolled out of there, we found ourselves on Valencia St. Turns out this was where everyone had been talking about- nice little bars, no falling down buildings or dealers, and I daresay a few less bullets. Once we found Valencia, we were actually glad we’d done out Mission Street mission as it really did show that not all of SF is glitz and lovely clean footpaths etc.

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