Manoa Valley, Oahu

Manoa Falls

We had a great hike through the rainforest and Valley. At every turn you could wonder if that particular tree or mountain had featured in Jurassic Park or Lost.  I’ve taken it as a bit of a mission to find as many Lost locations as I can on this trip as I lovely the show when it was on.

Unfortunately, we never made it to the top to see Manoa Falls.

As it happened, the path was particularly slippery today, and with Clarrie strapped to Elyse in a carrier, the risk wasn’t worth it. We got to a point of only being around 200m from the end (around 2.5km hike), but at that point the path was too narrow, slippery, crowded and dangerous.  One had to scramble over a few boulders on the path to actually reach the top. One misstep by someone and someone else could easily plummet from the path edge. I have no idea how far down it was, but it would have hurt, especially a 6 month old.

We’ll go back when Clarrie’s a bit older, and hopefully the path is a bit dryer.

If you’re planning on going:

– go early

– wear closed comfortable and grippy shoes (we saw people in flip flops and slippers- bad idea)

– if you’re planning on doing anything else that day, I’d take another pair of shoes to change into at the end, as whatever you wear on the trail will be pretty muddy by the end

– take water

– take insect repellent. The gift shop at the base sells little sachets of deet for $1.75, and non-deet spray (for the babies) for around $10.

Getting there

Parking is $5, and the drive from Honolulu is surprisingly short at around 20 minutes.  Alternatively you can catch the #5 bus to the Arboretum and Manoa Falls trailhead.

More Information

Article about Manoa Valley on the TV show Lost (some of the last pics in the gallery below are from some of the scenes listed in the article)

Manoa Valley gallery

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