Ploy Guest House, Kanchanaburi

I cannot recommend The Ploy Guest House more. Before leaving Australia we needed to book accommodation in Kanchanaburi as we had decided to spend a few days there either side of our volunteering at Elephant’s World.

I can’t remember how we stumbled on Ploy, but I’m glad we did. The staff were extremely helpful over email before our arrival, and were wonderful when we arrived.

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We stayed in the cottage, right on the River Kwai. It was a little more expensive than the other rooms, but so worth it. The pool is right near your room, and the river out your front door. With the heat, we ended up swimming in the pool until quite late in the evening.

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We stayed at Ploy for some nights before our time at Elephant’s World, and then for one night after our stay.

I will never forget the feeling of getting back from the jungle, covered in dirt and fleas. Showers were had and then we jumped in that pool at Ploy. Oh how wonderous. Clean clothes and clean hair and a hearty meal were had!

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