Jetstar JQ29 Melbourne to Bangkok, Economy class

Jetstar JQ29Jetstar JQ29

Jetstar inflight entertainmentHaving not flown Jetstar internationally before, I was unsure what to expect on this flight. There aren’t a lot of options for a direct flight to Bangkok from Melbourne, and this was the cheapest by a long way.

To my surprise, it was excellent, and I would more than happily fly Jetstar internationally again. The seats were very comfortable with good recline. We also (unexpectedly) had in-seat video screens and usb power. I was surprised by this as a friend had flown to Tokyo only a few weeks before and had no entertainment unit or power, so I’m unsure if we had it due to the route, or if it’s just luck of the draw depending on which aircraft is servicing the route that day.

Jetstar JQ29 Flying over the coast of northern Australia

Flying over the coast of northern Australia

The A330 is a very comfortable plane to fly in, and as a couple with (as yet) no children, the seat configuration is perfect, with the ability to have both a window and an aisle seat without being at the very back of the plane, or in Business Class.

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