Zurich Arboretum

Zurich-road-signToday’s mission was to drive from Alpnachstad to my brothers place in southern Germany. At around 2 hours, we decided to break up the drive by stopping off somewhere along the way.

There were a few options we looked into, such as Rapperswil, Augusta Raurica or The Zurich Zoo.

We ended up deciding on the Zurich Arboretum. It ticked all the boxes in that it was a big parkland for Clarrie to run around, was free and looked beautiful from what we could see online.

It’s very easy to get to and there was plenty of parking in the surrounding streets.  Being that we were there on (yet another) public holiday, the street parking was free.

Sunbathers at Zurich Arboretum

Sunbathers at Zurich Arboretum

The Arboretum lies on the banks of Lake Zurich and has some lovely views across the water to the Swiss Alps. It seems that many Zurichians love to head to the Arboretum for a sunbathe and a picnic. One thing we noticed that you don’t often see in Australia, is that the locals bring small gas powered BBQ systems to the park and do a cook-up.

The main kiosk area selling food and coffee was enormously crowded, so we made do with an ice cream from a smaller kiosk at the other end of the park.  Not unhappy with that decision.

View from the Arboretum across Lake Zurich to the Swiss Alps

View from the Arboretum across Lake Zurich to the Swiss Alps

Zurich ArboretumUnfortunately for us, there seemed to be quite a bit of construction and fencing work, so much of the park was closed to the public, and many of the pathways ended up being dead ends as you came upon reams of temporary fencing.

I wouldn’t call the Zurich Arboretum a destination but it did the job required. If you’re the one passing through Zurich, I’d probably recommend you go with one of our other choices.

Either way, we had a lovely and relaxing couple of hours and Clarrie got to have a good run around before getting back into the car for our fifth border crossing of the trip!

And now, to Germany!

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