A wander around Lucerne

Lucerne is a wonderful Swiss city and the perfect place to spend a day wandering around.

It’s certainly not the cheapest place in the world, but fun and inspiring nonetheless. As with most of our holiday, we elected to walk everywhere, and doing so in Lucerne is pretty easy.

We had a lovely morning getting the train in from Alpnach. We strolled by the banks of Lake Lucerne with some lovely warm coffee before setting out across The Chapel Bridge.

We bought a scrumptious breakfast from the vendors near the bridge and then walked to the Monumental Lion and Glacier Gardens.

We would have loved more time in Lucerne as there’s so much to see, but found a day to be sufficient to achieve those things, as well as a spot of window-shopping.

We did get caught in a horrendous rain storm as we did some grocery shopping before heading home and were forced into buying a small umbrella for $15CFH – but that’s Switzerland – beautiful and expensive!

I should also note that if we were to do this trip again I would think seriously about buying a Swiss Travel Pass beforehand. The trains are fabulously comfortable and on time, but also reasonably expensive. A return trip from Alpnachstad to Lucerne for both of us cost around $30CHF. With a travel pass, you’ll get unlimited bus, train and boat, as well as free entry to all Swiss museums. If we’d had them, I daresay we would have utilised all of those facilities quite a bit more.

You can buy a Swiss Travel Pass from Rail Europe.

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