Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), Lucerne

Chapel Bridge - Lucerne

The Kapellbrücke, apart from being very pretty, is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. It also holds the title for being the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge.

We caught the train into Lucerne from our apartment in Alpnach. From the Lucerne SBB train station, the Bridge is a short walk of maybe 5 minutes.

There are fruit and food stalls along the north bank before you enter the bridge, and more on the south after you come out.

There was a devastating fire on the bridge in 1993, causing a fair bit of damage to the archways that feature detailed artwork. Many of these were restored after the fire, although some have been left in the damaged state they were in after the blaze.

There’s a souvenir shop in the middle of the bridge which was surprisingly not outlandish with its prices. We didn’t purchase anything there but thought it worth noting.

We had some excellent Turkish food from a street vendor when we came out on the south end.

If you’re in Lucerne, this is a must see and is actually one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist attractions.

It’s a great one for the kids too, as there’s plenty of room, and many sights to see from the bridge. Even Clarrie at 14 months thought it was pretty good for the time he was awake to see it!

The views of Lucerne from the Chapel Bridge are gorgeous as well. The weather wasn’t brilliant for us as you can see from the photos, though Lucerne is still a very attractive place to look at, regardless of how many clouds there are in the sky!

Entry to The Chapel Bridge is free and well worth a visit.

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