Venice with a toddler

This place is magical- it really is. We weren’t too sure what to expect in Venice to be honest. We’d feared our extremely mobile toddler would just jump into any canal, but this hasn’t been the case.

The lack of cars here is striking, and for us so far, it’s what makes Venice so great. People everywhere, but you can wander the streets and squares without fear of being hit by a car. Very unlike Rome.

Arrival at Venezia Santa Lucia is a simple affair. You’re at the end of the line, so there’s plenty of time to gather your things and double check under the seat for any toys etc.

The platforms are very wide, so strollers and the like have plenty of room. There are plenty of ramps as you exit the station too, so as far as things on wheels go, you’re in pretty good shape so far.

I would recommend staying as close to your main mode of transport as you can. ie: if you’re arriving and/or departing by train from St Lucia, then stay in Cannaregio, or possibly Santa Croce. If you’re arriving by bus or car, then Santa Croce would be the best as it’s closest to Piazzale Roma.

If your baby is happy in a carrier, then you’re in luck. We found Venice to be very easy as Clarrie is very at home in either my wife’s Ergo 360, or my Baby Bjorn. If your bub is more of a pram type, you may find Venice difficult. Canals and bridges are at every turn. We saw many a dishevelled parent lifting and straining strollers over bridges.

There are a number of parks within Venice as well- the two we went to were Parco Savornan and Giardino Papadopoli park. There are others, although these two were great, and very central.

If you’re looking for flights to Venice, then Skyscanner is the best way to go. Venice is also very accessible from many parts of Europe via Rail Europe. For hotels and apartments, is a great place to start, and for reviews, you can’t go passed Tripadvisor.

Of course, you should also look at the other articles we’ve written about Venice.

For anyone’s that’s interested in the inner workings of this wonderful place, I highly recommend having a listen to the Stuff You Should Know podcast on Why Is Venice So Wet. You should also take a look at the Venice Backstage website which included their fascinating short documentary, which you can also see below.

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