Flying out of Venice at the crack of dawn

Our flight out of Venice was originally at midday. Some weeks before our flight, Easyjet changed the departure time to 7:10am.

7:10am. I’ll just let that sink in a bit.





Really, that means 7am.

And Easyjet is one of those budget airlines that insist on everyone being there two hours early.

Yeah baby. 7am means 5am.

With a BABY.

We weren’t overly happy with that, especially as it was a Sunday, as well as a public holiday (May 1 is May Day in Italy, as well as Germany, where we were flying to).

Being that Easyjet suggest getting to the airport two hours early (pfwaaaaaaaat!), we were looking at having to arrive at Marco Polo Airport at around 5am.

As it turns out, we certainly could have arrived later than we did, but being this was the only flight of the day from Venice to Basel, we didn’t want to risk missing it for the sake of another half hour of sleep.

There are a number of ways to depart Venice, although, with our departure time, it seemed there were only two. The bus is only €8, departing from Piazzale Roma but the services didn’t start until long after we needed them to.

Option 1 – spend a lot of money

We were quoted €110 + €5 per bag for a private water taxi, which could pick us up near our apartment at the Guglie Bridge, and drop us at the pier at Marco Polo, with a further 10-15 minute walk to the actual airport.

Oddly enough, this was the only option presented to us by anyone we asked, including the proprietors of our apartment who were locals.

This was far beyond our budget, so we looked into further options and found that you can actually leave Venice at the crack of dawn without having your wallet completely emptied…

Option 2 – spend slightly less money – get a land taxi from Piazzale Roma

Crossing Ponte della Costituzione to Piazzale Roma in the pouring rain at 4:30am

Crossing Ponte della Costituzione to Piazzale Roma in the pouring rain at 4:30am

We did some asking around and walked to Piazzale Roma a few days prior to ask the taxi drivers if our simpler plan was possible.

Yes- cabs are there 24 hours a day, and there is a flat rate of €45 to get from there to Marco Polo Airport.  The taxi drivers informed us with extra glee that they also do not charge extra for bags.

So that’s what we did.

We packed the previous night and woke at 4:15am to be out of the apartment at 4:30am.  Our son didn’t quite know what was happening but went with it anyway.

It was hammering rain outside (perfect timing for an exit considering the weather had been sublime for the previous three days), but we managed to do it. Piazzale Roma is about a 10-minute walk (1km) from Guglie, where we were staying.

As a side note, this is another reason why I’m so glad we were staying in Cannaregio.

There were plenty of cabs to choose from, and as you can see from the photo, we weren’t the only ones making a dash for it.  That’s Elyse in front of me with Clarrie strapped to her in a baby carrier.  I’ve got the pram with all our luggage in it.

The land taxi ride took about 20 minutes and dropped us to the door of the airport.  As we drove in we could see the lines of people walking up from the pier to the airport in the rain.

2016-05-01 05.37.56

If you need to get to Marco Polo Airport from Venice in the early hours, then I highly recommend a land taxi.  If you are staying in other areas, like San Marco for example, then I’m sure you could get a water taxi to Piazzale Roma and then a land taxi to the airport for far cheaper than €110.

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