Giardino Papadopoli park

After stumbling upon Parco Savorgnan the other day, we set out today to see the Giardino Papadopoli park. We’d noticed it as we were walking to Piazzale Roma to double check we could get a taxi from there in the early hours of Sunday morning to make our flight (yes, you can).


It’s hard to miss it as you cross Ponte della Costituzione (Constitution Bridge) on your way to Piazzale Roma.

The park is quite large, with plenty of space for Clarrie to run/walk/crawl around. He’s going through a ‘smell the flowers while you can’ stage too- and this park is great for that. Plenty of open space, as well as an excellent playground area.

Giardino Papadopoli park is a magnificent place to have a rest in between all the walking Venice has to offer. Kids or not, it’s a lovely area to relax and is  definitely worthy of  our ever growing Playgrounds of Europe list.

For us it was a great start to a day of wandering around Santa Croce, and other parts of Venice we’d been yet to explore.

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