Venice with a baby? Stay in Cannaregio

When working out where to stay in Venice (or anywhere for that matter), there are a huge number of factors to take into account. Proximity to transport, restaurants, night-life etc.  When you’re travelling with a baby, some of these pale into insignificance, while others come to the fore.

Before this trip we’d never been to Venice, so had little idea on what to expect. My brother had been there with his then six-month-old daughter some years ago, and his main advice was “don’t take a pram” (which I will only partly agree with).

Our decision to stay in Cannaregio was actually an accident. When we booked our apartment, it was the cheapest we could find that was big enough for the three of us (ie: not a studio) and could also supply a cot. As it turned out, Cannaregio is one of the only places I would want to stay in Venice when travelling with a toddler.  To clarify- you need to be as west as possible, and as close to the Guglie Bridge as you can.

The Guglie Bridge

The Guglie Bridge, Venice

The Guglie Bridge, Venice

As far as we could see, the Guglie Bridge is the only (or at least one of the few) that has disabled access. No matter what your intentions in Venice vis-a-vis your pram, there’s a reasonable chance you still have one with you for previous or subsequent travels.

Although prams are generally useless in Venice, they still act as an excellent trolley for your bags when your baby isn’t occupying the space.

The advantage of being able to get to your accommodation and only use the Guglie Bridge is that you can easily cross it with a pram laden with either bags or humans. As you can see from the picture, it has a side section with very shallow steps, allowing prams to easily cross it without having to be lifted.

Have a look at Wikipedia for more info on the Guglie Bridge.

Proximity to Santa Lucia

An easy walk from Santa Lucia station, so again, there’s no fuss with trying to slay ancient bridges, or get in and out of boats with a baby and 15 tonnes of luggage.

Proximity to Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma is where you can get buses and taxis (with wheels) to and from the airport, or anywhere on the ‘mainland’. I guess you could call it Venice’s carpark.

In our case, we arrived by train to Santa Lucia and departed by plane via a cab from Piazzale Roma.

Close to shops

cannaregioThe local Coop supermarket is very closeby, as are a multitude of fresh fruit and vegetable stalls. These carts were located just outside our apartment, making it very easy to grab a quick banana or apple when either one of us was hungry.

Being close to a supermarket is also handy. Coop is one of the big supermarkets through Italy (and Switzerland). For Australians, Coop is the equivalent of Coles or Woolworths.

Book your Venice apartment

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To book you accomodation in Venice, you can use a variety of services. The ones we recommend and use include:

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