Dinner time in Venice

We did well to be able to have lunch today in Venice, which was actually the first sit-down meal we’ve had on the whole trip thus far.

Tonight we attempted another restaurant meal, and made our way to Alla Palazzina, which is a stone’s throw from our apartment in Cannaregio, just near the Guglie Bridge.


Alla Palazzina courtyard

Alla Palazzina courtyard

The restaurant has a fanstastic courtyard at the rear that opens out to the Cannaregio Canal. Luckily there’s a gate so we could keep Clarrie well and truly away from the water!

The food was fabulous, with a wide selection authentic Italian meals, wine, and beer.

Unfortunately, Clarrie wasn’t in the mood for a sit-down meal, and as much as we tried to get him to have his usual afternoon nap, he was undeterred. We still managed to eat, albeit in shifts as the other walked him around the courtyard and to the paths outside.

The meals were exceptional, and the staff very accommodating of us with our child. The staff were happy to have us come through with the pram and were not deterred by having a rambunctious Australian toddler running around the place. There were only a couple of other customers out the back, who were also lovely.

We didn’t hang around for too long, though- Clarrie needed to get to the park!

Read more reviews of Alla Palazzina at Tripadvisor.

View accross Cannaregio Canal to Guglie Bridge from Alla-Palazzina Trattoria

View accross Cannaregio Canal to Guglie Bridge from Alla-Palazzina Trattoria



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