Finally we get to The Trevi Fountain!

Trevi Fountain

We almost didn’t make it to The Trevi Fountain. It actually became quite comical. Every time we’d attempt it, we’d either get lost or sidetracked and get home at the end of the day and realise we’d not made it, yet again.

It was almost as if Rome were conspiring against us- not a great feeling when apparently being at the fountain and throwing a coin in will guarantee your return.

We did eventually make it on a freezing morning with a gusting wind that could tear the face off Freddy Kruger.
No coins were thrown, although we did manage to smile for the selfie to prove that we did actually make it!

On a more reasonable day, the Trevi Fountain could certainly be quite a bit of enjoyment for young minds. Bring along some small denomination coins and they can have fun with everyone else throwing the coins over their shoulders into the blue water behind them.

We visited on 25 April at around 10am and the crowds were in full force. Being that the fountain is accessible 24/7, it would probably be a good idea to get there as early as you can to get a good look.

There’s no entry fee – you just walk up!

Read more about The Trevi Fountain on TripAdvisor and Wikipedia.

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