Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza

I stumbled into this church quite by accident. I was walking back to our apartment after a spot of shopping and saw an open door, so figured I’d go inside. I didn’t realise it was a church at first, as the first part is a big courtyard, with the church at the end.  The buildings surrounding the courtyard are currently used by the State Archives of Rome.

2016-04-24 10.53.43Being a Sunday in Rome, it was in use, as the Pantheon had been this morning. The service was just starting when I got there, so I took a few quick photos and then absorbed the moment.

I’m not a religious man, but was brought up Catholic, so there’s certainly a sense of ‘home’ in Rome. Having a moment in this church was actually what I needed. It’s been a great trip away, but has had its moments of stresses as well- traveling with a baby can fray you a little.

Remembering how lucky I am in life, and being grateful for I have, rather than bemoaning what I do not is a healthy place to be.

Faith has no bounds. Whether I’d been in a synagogue, mosque or Buddhist temple wouldn’t have mattered. Sacred ground is sacred ground.

It’s a beautiful church, but I suppose not much in Rome standards. I would imagine if you were looking for the grandest and most ornate places of worship, your guide may not take you here.

It was nice to be here though.

The church is at 40, Corso del Rinascimento in Rome.  There is no entry fee and you are obviously allowed to take pictures.

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