The Pantheon

It actually took three attempts before getting inside the Pantheon.

On our first day in Rome, we went for a walk from our apartment to get the lay of the land. After stumbling upon Piazza Navona, we then quite by accident found ourselves at The Pantheon.

The crowds were truly something, so we elected not to go in. We had the pram with is, so it would have been quite the nightmare for all involved.

2016-04-24 10.47.49

My second attempt was on a Sunday. Elyse and Clarrie were having a nap at the apartment, so I decided to go for a walk to see some more of Rome. Of course, being Sunday, The Pantheon was in use as it is, in fact, a church. There was still the opportunity to take some photos of the inside while the service was on, so I did that in case we didn’t make it back.

Eventually after a few days, we had to pass through the Pantheon path to get to The Trevi Fountain, and so finally got to go inside.

It’s as impressive as I’m sure you can imagine, and these photos don’t do it justice. The ceiling is made of concrete and is the largest self-supporting dome in the world.


It’s history is quite expansive too- well you’d hope so seeing as it was built 2000 years ago.

For a free exhibit, and with this much history, the Pantheon is a must do for anyone’s first time in Rome.

Read more at Tripadvisoror Wikipedia.

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