The Great Gladiatorial Training School – The Ludus Magnus

I don’t think The Ludus Magnus is something that’s on every tourist map, but I loved it all the same and recommend a look.

Situated just across the road from The Colosseum, it’s almost impossible not to pass The Great Gladiatorial Training School if you’re heading to Parco Del Colle Oppio.

I know I’m using the word ‘surreal’ far too much when talking about Rome, but really, for someone who’s studied ancient history, you can’t get much better fodder than this city.

To accidentally walk past the biggest Gladiator training school is reasonably awesome. The fact that there’s little fanfare about the place also just reinforces how much there is to see in this amazing city.

Tunnels run from here to the Colosseum- if that’s not enough to make your imagination run wild then phooey to you!

Kids who have any interest at all in Ancient Rome will get a kick out of this place. There are plenty of coffee shops and cafes on the same street – sit down and take a load off while your kids marvel about what happened here thousands of years ago.

Read all aboout Ludus Magnus on TripAdvisor and Wikipedia

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