Cabs in Rome with a toddler

One thing we’re rarely sure about when visiting a new place is how to deal with cabs when you’re traveling with a toddler and no baby seat.

We found that in Rome, every cab driver we had was excellent. Clarrie was fine without a baby seat, and none mentioned it. Most times he was in his carrier attached to one of us.

I’d heard some fairly unflattering things about Roman cab drivers, and we never experienced anything bad. Most times I’d open up Here Maps on my phone and find that the driver was indeed taking the shortest route. They were always courteous and helped with our bags whenever required.

Unlike Australian cabbies, they never refused a fare that was too low either.

The cabs are always metered, so you’re not going to get ripped off in an unmetered cab. There are plenty of signs around advising tourists to only get in the official white Roman cabs, and the city seems to be pushing the honesty and integrity of their cab system.

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