Big Bus Tours in Rome

Big Bus Tours

There are quite a few Hop On Hop Off buses in Rome, with Big Bus Tours being one of the biggest.

There are three types of tickets you can get.

  • 24-hour city tour: €30 (€15 child)
  • 48-hour city tour : €35 (€18 child)
  • 72-hour city tour : €40 (€20 child)
Clarrie and Elyse checking out the sites of Rome from a Big Bus

Clarrie and Elyse checking out the sites of Rome from a Big Bus

You don’t have to be a maths genius to work out that the 72-hour ticket is the way to go.  Whenever we travel we use the hop on hop off buses as a way to get to know a place reasonably quickly.

It’s a great way to see most attractions in a city in an afternoon, to then decide which of those things needs a more in-depth look.  They’re especially good when traveling with young kids, as the bus ride itself is fun and exciting, even if they think the city you’re visiting isn’t!

With the Rome Big Bus Tour, they have alternating stops depending on whether it’s a weekend or not.  We split the difference and started our ticket on a Sunday so we could get both loops.

The Palace of Justice from the top of a Big Bus

The Palace of Justice from the top of a Big Bus

The easiest and cheapest way to get your tickets is buy them online.  You can then jump on at any of the many stops around the city.

On the weekend, the closest stop to us was down near The Colosseum, while for the weekday ride, we jumped on near the Trevi Fountain.

The Big Bus Tour gets you to all the major Roman landmarks, like the Colosseum, Forum, Capitoline Museum, Ruins in Largo Di Argentina, Spanish Steps, The Vatican and heaps more.

The commentary on the bus was superb, teaching us many facts about the places we were passing.  Did you know that due to petty theft from outsiders stealing from tourists, Vatican City has one of the highest crime rates in the world?

The best thing about the commentary was that it was through in-ear headphones that were provided by Big Bus Tours. I’ve been on a few Hop On Hop Off buses where the commentary was blared through loudspeakers. Having headphones means you can take them out if you want, and just look at the view with the wind in your hair.

The staff also were magnificent.  We had some great chats with drivers and ticket collectors at a few different stops as we hopped on and off.  A special mention to the staff at the Colosseum, Piazza Barberini and Termini stops who were all brilliant in helping us out and pointing us in the right direction when we couldn’t quite work out which way we were going.

There is also a Big Bus Tours app which has great guides on all the locations, as well as maps and other information. Once you’ve downloaded the city to your phone, it’s all available offline which is extremely useful.  We found it very handy for our entire stay in Rome. We’ll definitely be using it again when we’re in Paris in a couple of weeks.

We traveled as guests of Big Bus Tours and appreciate their support of The Hubby House.

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