Affordable apartment in Rome that is an easy walk to EVERYTHING!

We stayed in this apartment in Rome for about a week. As far as proximity goes, you can’t beat it.

The apartment has its quirks but all in all it was great.


The Pantheon and Piazza Navona are literally around the corner while the Forum and Colosseum are only a short 10-minute walk.

There is a stack of bars, restaurants and retail shops within meters of your front door.

The Apartment

The apartment on Via dei Chiavari in Rome is wonderfully presented with a very New York loft style, even to the point of having a lot of New York memorabilia around the place.

The stained wooden ceilings are gorgeous, and the mock wood tiled floor is practical, yet elegant.


2016-04-28 07.33.30The apartment is one bedroom, and has a fold out sofa bed in the lounge as well.

There is ample cupboard space, and the bed is comfortable. We requested a cot for our 14 month old son which was provided free of charge.

The living area

2016-04-28 09.01.06For a one bedroom apartment, the living area was actually exceptional. A good sized dining table as well as fold out couch made it very comfortable to relax at the end of a long day (or try to relax when you’ve got a one year old at your feet).


The bathroom off the living area

The bathroom off the living area

There are two bathrooms. One comes off the living room and features a toilet, bidet, small vanity and washing machine.

The second is off the bedroom and features a toilet, bidet, small vanity and shower.


2016-04-28 08.57.30The kitchen is extremely small, but still quite usable. Some more power points would certainly help, as would a little extra bench space.

We were trying to prepare as many meals as possible to take with us on our daily adventures. This kitchen made that a little challenging, but we certainly survived.

What about for the kid/s?

This really depends on the age of your child.

For us with a 14-month-old toddler, it was great in most respects. As I said above, the hosts provided a cot for free which was very much appreciated.

If your child/ren were older, it would really depend on the family dynamic. The apartment would be a squeeze with more than one, unless they were prepared to share the foldout in the living room.

Being able to walk almost anywhere was a massive bonus, and being so close to everything meant we were never more than a stones-throw from home in case of an ’emergency’.

The stairs did prove difficult with our pram, and so we ended up hardly using it, as it was just too difficult to get it up and down the stairwell. There is no room for it to be stored at the bottom of the stairs.

We’re extremely lucky that our son is very used to being in a carrier!

Meal preparation was challenging in such a small kitchen too.

Would we stay here again?

Absolutely, without question. The challenges I mentioned are all surmountable, yet the location is unbeatable. Similarly priced places are all going to have their downsides and from my research before we booked, this place had the most plusses. After staying here for a week, I stand by that.

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Some more pics

Here are a few more shots in and around the apartment:

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