First full day in Paris – I love it here!

One of the (many) great things about Paris is that there’s so much to see within walking distance of other attractions.

Fontaine des Fleuves

Fontaine des Fleuves

On this glorious Tuesday, our first full day in Paris, we decided to take to the streets and get a feel for the neighbourhood.

Wandering up through The Tuileries Garden where we’d had such a great introduction to Paris, lead us past the Musée de l’Orangerie to the Place de la Concorde where we marvelled at The Fountains as well as the Paris Eye.

We could see the Arc de Triomphe in the distance as we strolled up the Champs-Élysées. Ahh Paris.

After a quick (overpriced and bland) bite to eat to escape an unexpected storm, we were off again.

Arc de Triomphe!

Arc de Triomphe!

Strolling back down The Champs-Élysées took us passed more galleries and sites.

The Grand Palais is a magnificent building and one we hope to get back to. Unfortunately today it was closed, but there look to be a few good looking exhibitions happening that would be fabulous to see if we can make the time.

Clarrie is a mile a minute, so having some clear grassed areas in front of The Palais for him to practice his new found walking skills was somewhat of a blessing.

Clarrie finding his feet outside The Grand Palais

Clarrie finding his feet outside The Grand Palais

Of course, once he’s out of the carrier, it’s impossible to get him back in!

The Petit Palais (across the other side of Avenue Winston-Churchill from The Grand Palais) was open, so we jumped in there for a look around. A lovely building with beautiful architecture both inside and out.

We didn’t last too long inside as Clarrie was still in full-on mode, and the security guards didn’t seem to appreciate his style of art appreciation.

Our stroll back through The Tuileries Garden was an opportunity to look closer at the multitude of statues throughout the park, as Clarrie again let off some energy!

It’s taken me the whole trip to realise it, but you absolutely HAVE to have a no-plans day on your first day in a new town when travelling with a baby. There is no other way. We did it when we arrived in Rome, Venice and Switzerland. All of those times I will freely admit that I grumbled as I wanted to get out and DO something.

Which is what we did in Germany by jumping in the car for 2 hours to drive back into France to visit to Riquewihr, which was a complete disaster.

For every day you have ON with a toddler (especially a travel day), you ABSOLUTELY have to have a day off.

Today was that day, and it was fabulous.

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