A walk to The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is arguably Paris’ most famous landmark. Due to the relative absence of hills in the French capital (save for Montmartre), it’s hard not to see the Tower from pretty much anywhere. Being up close and personal with it, though, is entirely different.

As we’ve noted before, travelling with a toddler is a double edged sword. You experience things you’d not normally do if travelling alone, yet there is a much higher degree of unpredictability to your days.

Through all of this trip, we’ve been able to time Clarrie’s naps pretty well. On this particular day, he had a great siesta as we walked to the Eiffel Tower.

The walk is beautiful and highly recommended – crossing the Seine and seeing all the different icons of Paris as you walk by them is truly wonderful.

For today’s outing, we again walked through Tuileries Garden and crossed the Seine at Pont de la Concorde.

View from Pont de la Concorde

View from Pont de la Concorde

Keeping to the banks of the river for most of the way, we walked passed and admired Pont Alexandre III, The Bateaux Boats as well as various museums, and general people watching.

2016-05-11-12-47-04As we continued west, the Tower popped in and out of view, hiding behind trees and buildings until we turned a corner, and there it was.


Seeing it for the first time right up close is awe-inspiring. There are only a few ‘modern’ buildings that I’ve felt this feeling of “WOW”. The Empire State Building in New York is definitely one, and now the Eiffel Tower too.

It’s massive. Way bigger than I’d imagined. Too be honest, I don’t think I’d really given too much thought to it’s size, but it really is big.

The Eiffel Tower is surrounded by gardens, which we’ll write about in another article, so is a great place for a relax or a run around- whatever takes your fancy really.

We ended up visiting the Eiffel Tower twice, with each visit being about a week apart.


Crepes under The Eiffel Tower

Crepes under the Eiffel Tower

Crepes under the Eiffel Tower

One cannot visit The Eiffel Tower and not have crepes. On both visits we indulged. Various flavours were had, with Nutella being the unsurprising standout for me and Strawberry being Elyse’s saveur préférée.

We’ve managed to time our Paris trip with the rain, and our initial Eiffel Tower visit was no exception. While pondering whether or not to go up the Tower, it started to spit a little and we asked ourselves some questions:

  1. Do we want to be halfway up the Tower and have Clarrie wake up, and subsequently freak out? Nope
  2. Do we want to wait here and get rained on with absolutely no shade, apart from the Tower itself which currently has around a bazillion other people under it? Nope
  3. Do we want to jump in a cab and go to a museum instead and maybe attempt this another day? Definitely.

So we did exactly that and jumped in a cab to The Rodin Museum.

Queues under The Eiffel Tower

On our first visit to the Tower when the weather was less than stellar, the queues weren’t all that bad. We theoretically could have lined up, but with too many unknowns around waking babies, weather, as well as how much a queue lay beyond the doors at the base, we gave it a miss as I mentioned above.

On our second visit, the weather was sensational in exactly the way the queues were not. People everywhere.  It was definitely too much to deal with, and so took Clarrie to the park instead.

To be honest, I’m not that bummed we didn’t make it up there.  Heights are not the best friend of either of us and over the course of the last few weeks on the road, I’ve more than happily come to the conclusion that a chilled day of wandering around is far more enjoyable than climbing large steel monoliths with half a billion other tourists.  Call me crazy.

And in any case, I was pretty sure I’d get up the Arc de Triomphe or Notre Dame at some point anyway.  As it happened, that turned out to be Notre Dame a few days later.

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