L’aire de jeux dans le Jardin des Tuileries

Yeah baby – I can type in French!

Welcome to Paris

Upon arriving in Paris, we dumped our bags in the apartment and headed straight across the road to Tuileries Garden, which is the biggest park I have ever seen. It’s also our front yard. I really did well booking this particular apartment.

More on the apartment and Tuileries Garden later, but first – welcome to Paris!

We made our first (of what would turn out to be quite a few) stops at Happy Caffe (yes, two f’s). We were quite hungry after our train trip from Mulhouse, and knew that we needed to get Clarrie to a playground stat. We grabbed some sensation rolls and as we were about to leave, I asked – “can we drink beer in the park across the road?”.


The response I got was not only hilarious but very telling of not only French culture but that of Australia too.

We were duly informed that yes of course we can drink in the Tuileries Garden. “We, the French are not barbarians, we do not drink ourselves to the point of inebriation”.

Of course the French drink in the park- who wouldn’t? It’s a beautiful day and what better to do than sit in a playground having a quiet drop while your kid goes bananas on yet another slippery slide?

It really made me think of the nanny state that many argue Australia has become, particularly in relation to the lockout laws in some Australian states, which are nothing short of draconian totalitarianism.

If you treat someone like an idiot, then they will act like one. It really is that simple, but that’s a different article for a different day.

Aire de jeux

2016-05-09 19.29.51

With Heineken in hand, we made our way to the playground. It’s a fairly sizeable thing- with an enormous slide that is far too big for Clarrie. We took it in turns running and crawling around the yard with him.

Elyse took first shift. I felt quite liberated as I sipped my freshly opened beer, until the fitness set ran to my side of the playground and proceed to bend stretch and heave in ways I couldn’t even dream of.

2016-05-09 19.21.04

We ended up visiting this playground a fair bit over our week in Paris. If you’re nearby, it’s well worth the visit with the kids- it’s by far the biggest playground we came across in Paris (and most central). We’re glad we got to utilise it through the week too- it’s jam packed on the weekend!

Tuileries Playground gets a little more crowded on the weekend


And now I bid you farewell as my son and I saunter off into the sunset…..


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