Art in a door in Paris

When one sees an open door with interesting things inside, one walks through that door.

2016-05-12-14-04-15-1And that is what we did when we stumbled on an art installation on this fine afternoon in Paris. The installation was at Église des Billettes, a striking looking building in the Marais district. Upon further research, I found out that the building has been in existence since 1294 and was a Catholic church until 1808, when it became Lutheran, which it still is today.

It seems the cloisters at the front are often used as an art gallery, which is what we stumbled into today. The work we were viewing was part of an exhibition called Passion Marginale by a Finnish artist named Sami Korhonen. The only information I’ve been able to find on the exhibition is this Facebook page.

I did find the artists website though, showing some of his fantastic work, as well as a short film that was shot in the cloisters, and by the looks of the art on the walls was actually shot at much the same time as we were there.

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