Flying into three airports at once

It’s not often you fly into an airport with three codes that services three countries.

It’s also not often that I’d bother to write about an airport.

Basel is in Switzerland, Mulhouse is in France, and Freiburg is in Germany. They’re all serviced by the unimaginatively named “Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport”.

Hilariously, the airport isn’t actually situated in any of those cities- it’s in Saint-Louis, France.

As far as I could ascertain when booking this trip, there are two possible airline codes, being BSL or MLH. Depending on which airline or service you’re using, you could get quite confused, quite quickly.

I book the bulk of my travel with Skyscanner, and when trying to fly from Venice (VCE) to Mulhouse (MLH), you’re met with an onerous itinerary with no direct flights at all. Most are via Paris, some are via London, or if you really felt like seeing Europe you could go via almost any city within a 15-hour flight.

The minimum flight time? 5 hours, flying from Venice to Paris (Orly) on easyJet, and then Paris to Mulhouse on HOP!

Wait a minute- isn’t MLH and BSL the same airport? Yep- so let’s do that search again through SkyScanner with BSL as the destination instead of MLH. And there it is, a direct flight from Venice to BSL (Basel) on easyJet for around a third of the price of the convoluted craziness of flying into MLH. This is the same airport, people.  This anomaly happens on all the other flight aggregators I use, including  Tripadvisor and Expedia.


Once you’re off the plane and in the airport, you can exit into whichever country you please, being France, Germany or Switzerland.


For our trip, we went straight to France to save a heap of money on our hire car.  If you are flying into this part of the world, have a read of my article about hiring your car in France, not Switzerland.  Your wallet will thank you.

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