Brisbane CityCat

The Brisbane CityCat is a great way to see Brisbane, without being stuck on buses and trains, or dealing with over-priced parking.

While we travel up there a bit, we never make the time to be tourists. It can sometimes be difficult to go back to your home-town and see it for it is now, as opposed to what it was when you left.

Brisbane has grown up an incredible amount over the last few years, and having lived there, in Sydney and in Melbourne, I’d be bold enough to say that Brisbane has got its shit together the most of all three. The public transport works, you can buy a ticket rather than a full pass and with the new bridges and tunnels, you can get anywhere in a fraction of the time it took when I was kid.

Some of Brisbane's prestigious river front property, as viewed from the CityCat

Some of Brisbane’s prestigious river front property, as viewed from the CityCat

Seeing as today was a ‘tourist’ day, we decided to take the CityCat, and started from the Regatta stop in Toowong. Our destination was Southbank, and we had some spare time, so we got on one heading in the opposite direction.

The CityCat is a pleasure to ride on, and although it certainly gets some speed up, it’s a relaxing ride. Travelling down the river through West End and onto UQ was lovely, with the return trip up the river and on to Southbank seeming a great way to commute if given the opportunity. For the parts that Clarrie was awake for, he absolutely loved it.

Definitely take some time if you’re visiting Brisbane to have a ride on the CityCat- it’s a great way to get around and beats getting a bus. You can sit or stand on the bow (front), or the stern out in the open, or if you’ve had enough, just sit inside and watch the world go by.

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