Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

If you’re into a bit of Space stuff, and you’re in Canberra, this is definitely worth checking out.

There are some great exhibits here. Some explain what many ask (how does one pee in space?) and there are replicas of spacecraft, as well as some original space memorabilia, such as uniforms and even some real moon rock.

Although not many of the exhibits go into great detail, there is some excellent information about the history of the Apollo and Gemini missions as well as the Space Shuttle. The are a couple of media rooms showing film of the history of space travel as well as mission control back in the 60’s.

It’s also mentioned on more than one occasion that the historic moon landing images were actually broadcast from here, and not from Parkes as stated in The Dish film.

Don’t plan on making any phone calls when you’re here. Mobile reception cuts to zero rather suddenly from about 1km away.

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex is located at 421 Discovery Drive, Tidbinbilla, which is about 45 minutes by car from the Canberra CBD.

It’s open daily from 9am – 5pm.

Entry is free and the kids will love it! Have a look at the reviews on TripAdvisor too.

More information can be found at and Tripadvisor.

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