Books to grow your family

Booktopia have set up a bunch of books I’m more than happy to get behind. Ordinarily I’d have published this under the Booktopia Deals page, but I think this entry needs to stay up longer than a normal “Deals” entry would.

There are so many good titles here. Some of which I’ve read, and some that I wish I had.

What to expect in the first year.

Perfect example- why didn’t somebody tell me that?



I noticed on the weekend that my wife scuttled this off to my brother-in-law to read. A bit of a shame as I hadn’t finished it yet, but I’m glad someone else will get a read of it.

His partner is about to give birth by the way. It’s not like my wife decided to give her brother a book about having a new kid out of the blue.

There are so many books out there for new parents. Honestly though, if you just don’t want to read anything about it all, then don’t.

My wife piled up the books on my side of the bed and I’ll freely admit I read ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM. Yes, she’s on the mailing list. She’ll read this.

I am defiant.

I did read a lot of them after Clarrie was born. Just not all of them.

I think my brother-in-law has them all now.

Anyway- moral of the story? Read some books if you want to. There’s no harm in being prepared, but there’s also not that much harm in just taking as it comes.

No matter what you do, nothing will prepare you for parenthood.


But a book might help.


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