Last minute Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

So it’s a few days before Christmas and you’re still crossing names off the list of people you’ve bought gifts for.

There are a few names left and there’s no way you’re going to the shopping centre tomorrow but it’s too late to order anything online to get it posted.

What do you do?

I have you covered. Lean in and click- I have the answers you seek…..

Vouchers and gift cards

vouchers-1086431_1280There are a great number of places that you can order a gift card online and have it emailed to the recipient. Great Scott! This means that they can have the gift on Christmas Day (or even before)!

Here are some categories to choose from:

Book gift card

Gift cards from online book stores are great. Your gift recipient can choose from an enormous variety, and most of these stores don’t just sell books, so things like toys or eBooks can also be purchased.

Booktopia are a great option as they have a massive range of books, as well as audio books, magazines, stationary and even games. If you want to give a gift voucher that can be redeemed in a ‘bricks and mortar’ book shop, then a gift voucher from Angus & Robertson Bookworld or Dymocks is probably a better bet.

You can buy all of these online and have them delivered to you or your gift recipient in seconds.

edit – word just in the both Booktopia and Angus & Robertson are having 10% off gift certificate sales- got on it!

Buy a Booktopia gift cardBuy a Dymocks gift cardBuy an Angus & Robertson Bookworld gift card

Games, computers or anything

Microsoft are a very good option for gift cards. Not only do they sell software like Office and Windows, they also sell the XBox and literally thousands of games.

Unsurprisingly, they also sell computers.

Buy a Microsoft gift card


I’ve previously written a gift guide specificlly directed at Etsy, so if that took your fancy but you didn’t get around to buying anything then grab yourself an Etsy gift card.

Buy an Etsy gift voucher

Socks and Undies voucher

Well because why not. Everyone needs socks and undies and a bunch of other things sold by Bonds. Great gift for a new parent too….
Buy a Bonds gift card


Does your recipient have children?
Buy a Dan Murphy’s gift card

Anything else you could possibly need

I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find anything you need on Amazon.

By an Amazon Gift Card


Clarrie smelling the flowers while he can An oldie, but a goodie.

Pick a single rose, or a bouquet of lilies. Whatever their heart desires. The perfect gift for anyone. Everyone loves getting flowers.

You can get some fabulous bouquets from Interflora who deliver, quite literally, everywhere.

Order some flowers for your loved one

Magazine Subscription

magazinesI’ve previously espoused the virtues of a magazine subscription on a gift ideas for dad post. A magazine subscription really is the gift that keeps on giving.

From Harvard Business Review to Marie Claire, there really is something for everyone.

If you’re not too sure on a specfic title, then iSubscibe have kindly put all their different magazines into categories, so whether it’s Art & Design, Boating & Fishing or something else entirely, then you’re covered.

There are also a couple of excellent advantages with using iSubscribe:

  • Manage multiple subscriptions under one account
  • Get four Qantas points per dollar spent (couple that sort of spending with the right credit card and you’ll be flying First Class to Europe in no time)

Shop at iSubscribe

A coding course

TreehouseGot an aspiring coder in the house? Learn Web Design, Coding & Much More

Treehouse offers a full-access free trial to their course library! Choose from 1,000s of hours of content, from JavaScript to Python to iOS. Learn to code and get the skills needed to launch a new career, or just have some fun!

Check out Treehouse

eBook or Audio Book

ebookA personal pet hate of mine is capital letters where they don’t belong. eBook is one of those words that just irks me no end. Ironic really, as I love them. I have a bazillion eBooks and have actually given away most of my pAperbacks in favour of the digital version.

Booktopia sell an enormous range of eBooks (and quite a few for free too).

iTunes (another word with a capital in the wrong place) also sell a bunch of eBooks, but because they’re from Apple, they’re iBooks. They also sell a veritable bevvy of Audio Books.

Two that I’ll be getting in the near future are the new Harry Potter book, as well as The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape.

If your lucky gift recipient is into travel, then Lonely Planet is where you need to purchase their next eBook from.

Buy eBooks from BooktopiaBuy travel eBooks from Lonely Planet

Be a good human


An inspired gift from Unicef

An exceptionally worthy cause is Unicef. With Unicef, you can give an inspired gift that saves lives.

What does that mean? Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving gifts delivered to where they are most needed. Some examples include 150 measles vaccines for $74, 50 exercise books for $27, 50 HIV test kits for $80 or 200 Polio vaccines for $51.

Many of us would spend more than this on a night out.

When you buy an Inspired Gift for friends or family, it’s immediately dispatched to reach a child who needs it now.

When you purchase your Unicef gift, you can have a card emailed or posted to the special person in your life to whom you are purchasing for.


A Donation

This is for those people in your life who may prefer a donation than a physical (or vouchered) gift.

As I’ve previously spruiked, Doctors Without Borders gets my vote as to where you should spend your donation dollar.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders

Lottery ticket

sports-carIf all else fails, then a lottery ticket could be the go. If you’re wanting houses and gold bullion, hit up yourtown or Surf Lifesaving Lotteries.

If you’re just after cool, hard cash, then go with the lotto.

Buy an Oz Lotto or Powerball ticket

Well, there you have it, folks. I hope that something in that list may have helped you get out of a bind and find a great last minute gift or two.

Have a great Christmas everyone!


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