Gift ideas for dad

I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that cover quite a few different interests. For anyone out there looking to buy me a gift- anything from the below list would be fabulous.

I’ve tried to cover as many interests as possible in the list below- music, tools, books and games to name a few. If you think there’s something I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments.


booksWho doesn’t love a good book?

I think one of the best gifts you could give a dad is a few good books and a day off to read them.

Booktopia and Dymocks have a huge range of books to choose from.

Booktopia have even gone to the trouble of collating an excellent Christmas gift guide that I highly recommend having a squiz at.

They also sell a great range of audio books, ebooks as well as DVDs and BluRay.

If you can’t decide, then both Booktopia and Dymocks offer gift certificates. Gift certificates are a great way to go for last minute gifts as they can be emailed to you or the recipient immediately. ie: literally at the last minute.

Dymocks also has an SBS Shop as well as stocking a great number of ABC items.

Shop BooktopiaShop DymocksShop iBooksShop Book Depository

Magazine Subscription

magazinesA magazine subscription really is the gift that keeps on giving.

From Harvard Business Review to Marie Claire, there really is something for everyone.

If you’re not too sure on a specfic title, then iSubscibe have kindly put all their different magazines into categories, so whether it’s Art & Design, Boating & Fishing or something else entirely, then you’re covered.

There are also a couple of excellent advantages with using iSubscribe:

  • Manage multiple subscriptions under one account
  • Get four Qantas points per dollar spent (couple that sort of spending with the right credit card and you’ll be flying First Class to Europe in no time)

Shop at iSubscribe

Hand Made Whisky Glasses

whiskey-glassesWho doesn’t love a great whiskey glass or 2? Especially if they’re hand made right here in Australia.

Buy some whiskey glasses

A Tile

41sdjyw0mql-_sx425_Nope- not saying you should by a floor or wall tile for your loved one. This amazing piece of tech is for anyone who loses their keys, phone or wallet (ie: everyone).

Find your lost items quickly using Tile’s Bluetooth tracker. Tile wirelessly connects to your mobile device from up to 100ft away via Bluetooth 4.0.

Download the Tile app to find your items fast!

Buy a Tile or 3


night-vintage-music-bokehEverybody loves music, don’t they?

You can grab a bunch of digital albums (as well as movies and ibooks) from iTunes.

If you’re after physical music, like CDs and Vinyl, as well as a huge selections of DVD and BlueRay then head on over to the Sanity website to order .

Shop at iTunesShop at Sanity

Original Cufflinks

Quirky CuffsQuirky Cuffs are no ordinary cufflinks! These are the most brilliant and original thing I’ve seen in a while.

Perfect for so many occasions, and the perfect gift for him (or her).

Shop at Quirky Cuffs

Something Crafty

craftyQuirky Cuffs actually operate their store through Etsy.

Etsy is a great place to shop for crafty and original gift ideas, like monogrammed tools, socks or keyrings and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

If you do a search for Fathers Day on Etsy, you’ll be surprised at how many great ideas there are for gifts that you’d not even considered.

Etsy have also collated a fantastic list of Gifts for Him.

Shop at Etsy

Hire a flash car for the day!

carWhy not hire dad his dream car for a day?

Whether it’s a Mustang, Porsche or a Cadillac, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find it at DriveMyCar.

DriveMyCar is a peer-to-peer service that makes it possible for car owners to rent their car to other people. Makes sense doesn’t it? Owners earn money from their car and Renters get access to a wider range of vehicles and save money compared to traditional car rental, especially for long term rental periods.

Got questions? I’m sure you do – get all you answers about DriveMyCar here.

A coding course

TreehouseGot an aspiring coder in the house? Learn Web Design, Coding & Much More

Treehouse offers a full-access free trial to their course library! Choose from 1,000s of hours of content, from JavaScript to Python to iOS. Learn to code and get the skills needed to launch a new career, or just have some fun!

Check out Treehouse

A Donation

donationLet’s face it, we’re better off financially and emotionally than almost everyone else on the planet.

Personally, I think Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) do a fantastic job and deserve everyone’s support.

Unicef are also an extremely worthy cause, helping give children in 190 countries access to the rights they deserve. Through the Unicef website, you can buy a life-saving gift for someone in true need, like 150 measles vaccines for $74, 50 exercise books for $27 or 5 blankets for $46.

Another idea is to purchase something from a socially aware store like Oxfam.

Donate to Médecins Sans FrontièresBuy from UnicefBuy from Oxfam

Lottery Ticket

mansionBuying a lottery ticket for your dad could be the same as you buying him a house and a car.

The Surf Lifesaving Lottery and  yourtown both offer the chance of winning big. And by big, I mean houses, cars, cash and gold.

Basically, everything your dad wants.

Except love, of course.

And everybody knows you can’t buy that.

Buy a Surf Lifesaving lottery ticketBuy a yourtown lottery ticket

Or you could just go for a regular lotto ticket and hope for a bucket load of cash.

Travel lover?

holiday-beachIs dad a travel nut? There is so much of the world to see, with so much of it in our own backyards.

Book last minute flights and accomodation with Agoda or

Why not surprise him with a romantic night in your won city? or Expedia have you covered.

If you’re looking for a bit more excitement for the old man, then Adventure Tours Australia are a great place to start.

Has dad been banging on about going somewhere? Spain, Vietnam, Barbados? All are covered by an excellent selection of Lonely Planet books, as well as other travel books from Booktopia.


VinoMofoPersonally, I’m a huge fan of Vinomofo wines. A great selection of quality gear at very reasonable prices. Their artwork makes these wines stand out as well.

I can personally recommend the Collaboration Case – a really great selection of reds and whites.

If you’re looking for something alcoholic that’s not wine (although they sell wine too), then BWSor Dan Murphy’s might be the go.

If you’re after arguably Australia’s best selection of craft beer, then Craft Cartel Liquor is where you need to be.

Real men love flowers

man-flowers-lawn-meadowFlowers are great. I love them.

Anyone want to send me flowers? Oriental lillies please.

One of the great things about Interflora is that you can order flowers from their website and have them delivered to someone on the other side of the planet. That’s pretty great.

Order flowers from Interflora


xbox-game-handle-entertainment-59966Is dad a gamer? Is he into his Xbox? There’s plenty to choose from in the Microsoft Store, from games and accessories to computer systems and software.

Shop the Microsoft Store


gadgetsIs dad into gadgets? Would a new iPad bring a smile to his face?

Both Kogan and Dick Smith sell a massve range of electronics, such as phones, TVs and tablets. All of those are obviously a bit on the expensive side, so here are some cheaper ideas as well…

Make sure dad never has a flat phone battery with this powerbank from Dick Smith.

While you’re there, check out this Bluetooth Car Kit for only $35.

A very handy and responsible gift is a personal Breathalyser for $39. Especially if you also ordered him a case of Vinomofo. What a great companion gift!

And lastly for a great cheapie is this Smartphone Lens Kit. What’s a Smartphone Lens Kit I hear you ask? You can take professional-looking extreme zoom and wide angle shots with these macro, fish eye, and wide-angle attachments. The best bit? It’s only $19!

Shop at KoganShop at Dick Smith

A poster

world-map-antiqueAll Posters have a diverse collection of art. From Rodin and Van Gogh prints, to band and movie posters.

There are maps, wall murals, decorative art, landscapes, murals, travel posters and so much more.

Springsteen? Yep.
Picasso? Of course.
Hawaii? I’m glad you asked- literally hundreds of posters.

You could decorate an entire house from one website!

All Posters can also frame your purchase, making it that much more special.

Shop at All Posters

Well, there you have it, folks. A reasonably diverse list of gift ideas for the special man in your life, whether he be your dad, grandad, partner, son or just someone you think is worth surprising with an awesome gift.

Go forth and be wonderful.

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